Safety and Riding Ability Information

Hacking and Trekking


By its nature, riding is a strenuous demanding activity that requires the participants to be alert and in good health. Such conditions are necessary to safeguard the welfare of the horses and to ensure your personal safety, together with the safety of other riders, bystanders and property.

Bearing this in mind you are, before you ride, required to bring to our attention, details of any ailment, injury, (previous or existing), disability or other medical condition either personal or relating to a member of a group for which you may be responsible, which may affect, interfere with, or cause a problem during the forthcoming riding activity. Such information must be given regardless of whether you or the person concerned believe the condition or ailment to be of no significance. Please also indicate your riding standard as defined below, with other details you may like to add.

Your attention is also drawn to the fact that a significant proportion of the riding activities may occur over rough, uneven and sometimes steep ground, and therefore greater vigilance and attention to instruction is necessary.

Smoking in and around the stables, and on horseback is prohibited, as is the use of mobile phones on horseback unless with the specific agreement of the ride leader.

We sincerely hope that the above conditions do not in any way spoil or detract from your ride, however, before mounting any horse under the control of Northfield Farm, and or participating in any activity offered at Northfield Farm, you are required to acknowledge having read and understood the above safety conditions and that you participate in these activities at your own risk, by signing the safety book at the riding centre.


Please do not over estimate your capabilities

Non Rider- Someone who has never ridden, or ridden once or twice.

Novice - Someone who has ridden before, can control their horse at walk with confidence and has experienced some trotting.

Intermediate - Someone who is competent and capable of controlling a sensible, well mannered horse at a walk, trot and canter.

Experienced - Someone who is competent and capable of controlling a more forward going horse at all paces whilst out hacking.

V.Experienced - Someone who is competent and capable and who is completely comfortable riding a forward going horse at all paces and has some years of experience of riding.

Rusty Rider - If you fall into one of the last 3 categories but have not ridden for some years please let us know.

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